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“FBCYICN is a youth-driven, provincial, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of young people in and from government care in BC, between the ages of 14 and 24. We provide programs and services that help young people come together, get individual support, link with learning opportunities, and unite their voice to create positive change in the system. FBCYICN was created in 1993 by young people in care.”
– Federation of BC Youth In Care Network

Code of Conduct (PDF) is a set of rules for behaviour that FBCYICN members created that apply to all young people and adults at all Network events and at the FBCYICN Office. As a YICN Local we also follow this Code of Conduct. Summary version: “DON’T BE A JACKASS!!”

The FBCYICN defines this a little differently:

“For us, “in care“, means having accessed services from the Ministry of Children and Family Development and Delegated Aboriginal Agencies anytime between the ages 0-19 and includes: foster homes, group homes, child and youth mental health services, addiction facilities, custody centres, youth agreements, independent living, extended family placements, or experiencing homelessness. Those receiving services from Community Living BC any time between 0-24 also qualify for membership and access to our programs and services.”

Federation of BC Youth In Care Network: Bursaries - Application Deadline: March 8, 2019

The FBCYICN (Federation of the BC Youth In Care Network) Dream Fund includes two bursaries that are distributed three times a year: March, July and October.

Education Achievement Bursary
“Want to go back to school but wondering if you can afford tuition on top of everything else? The Education Achievement Bursary provides financial support for youth in and from care attending post-secondary school. Young people can use this bursary for all accredited schools, not just the usual designated post-secondary schools"

Reach for Success Bursary

“Music lessons, driver’s courses, sports and recreation programs can be expensive. The Reach for Success Bursary helps young people achieve their goals through skill-building and extra-curricular activities"

For more information and application forms click here

The FBCYICN Take the Wheel Bursary consists of two bursaries which "support youth in and from care in helping to remove barriers that prevent them from obtaining their license in B.C."

Driver Training Bursary
"... provides youth up to $1500 to cover the cost of a professional drivers training course or package."

License Support Bursary
"... provides up to $250 to go towards covering the cost of a Learner’s (L) test and license, a Novice (N) road test and license, or to help pay off out-standing transit fines that prevent a youth from obtaining their license."

For More information and application options click here


We have a Kamloops Local Youth In Care Network. Find out more about this local!

100 Mile House

We are in the process of setting up a YICN local in 100 Mile House. Find out more!

Williams Lake

We are in the process of setting up a YICN local in Williams Lake. Find out more!


We are in the process of setting up a YICN local in Merritt. Find out more!

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